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Ridgefield Wildlife Refuge - Carty Unit

Location: Ridgefield, WA, USA, 98642

Posted by: pberry2112 on 1st May 2012 at 6:29 am

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Walking friendly area of the refuge. Numerous small lakes and pond offer a large variety of wildlife viewing opportunities. There's also a recreation of a traditional Cathlapotle Plankhouse.

From the website:

Ridgefield NWR has a total of 5,218 acres of marshes, grasslands and woodlands. Preservation of the natural Columbia River floodplain is the management objective of the Carty (2-mile self guided hiking trail), Roth and Ridgeport Dairy units. The River 'S' (4.2 mile auto tour route and 1.2 mile seasonal hiking trail) and Bachelor Island units are managed to maximize habitat for waterfowl and other wetland wildlife.

The refuge was established, along with 3 other refuges in the Willamette Valley of Oregon, to secure vital winter habitat for Dusky Canada geese and other wintering waterfowl. With subsequent changes to nesting habitat and reduction in dusky populations following the violent earthquake of 1964 in Alaska, the need for secure wintering habitat became even more important.

Stately sandhill cranes, shorebirds, and a great variety of songbirds stop at the Refuge during spring and fall migrations. Some bird species such as mallards, great blue herons, and red-tailed hawks are year-round residents that nest on the refuge. Black-tailed deer are the largest mammal on the refuge. Coyote, raccoon, skunk, beaver, river otter and brush rabbits are occasionally seen.

pberry2112 said:
Growing up this was our second back yard. The Carty unit is very hike friendly with plent of room to wander around and explore while seeing a lot of wildlife.


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